Invoice workflow

Invoice form is validating that the workbook owner context qualify to be charged from accompanying.

This forms are only available for accompanists that has right to produce an invoice on a workbook.

Each accompanist has its own form workflow because accompanists does not have to fill the same requirements to produce an invoice.

Invoice form Phase 1

This form is in divised into two non-blocking steps for Guide.

First step

Fill operation day dates:

  • First day date is required;
  • Second one is optional;

Day dates cannot be inferior to workbook creation date and also cannot be superior to the current date.


Day dates values should not be the same but actually the form does not validate against this.

Second step

Select accompanying followings from available choices.

There is a special choice named Pas de suite (No followings) which disable all other choices when selected. Also, if another choices is selected, the “No followings” choice is disabled.

Finally this will leads to the Finish screen.

Invoice form Phase 2

This form is divised into three steps for Supervisor from which second and third steps are optional and blocking (depending on inputs and choices) and can results into a blocked invoice.

First step

Fill unique operation day date that is required.

Also there is a required choice to select about if a consortium has been done or not. If user select choice that there was no consortium this directly results to the Finish screen that save the invoice and give the url to download the invoice PDF, its entry will be available in accompanist invoice list.

If choice for done consortium is selected, the next step is presented.

Second step

This is the consortium step where accompanist informs about some consortium informations, all of them are required :

  • Consortium subject: A single choice selection;

  • Mobilized partners: A multiple choice selections of entities that have participed to the consortium. Some of these choice if selected will require to fill a text input (just below the choice) for some details;

  • Consortium consequences: A single choice selections of consequences with a special choice to fill a text input about other consequence that is not in the choices. Depending on selected choice, it can lead to some special behaviors:

    • If the choice named Financement France Active dans les 6 mois [...] is selected this leads to the Blocking screen.
    • If the choice named Tour de Table réalisé sans France Active is selected this leads to the Finish screen.
Third step

Accompanist have to fill about financing amounts accorded by France Active.

This is a required multiple choice selections where each choice require to fill an input text (just below the choice) about the amount from an entity. Except the last choice Pas encore déterminé (Not yet decided) that does not need any input.

When submitted, the workflow is finished and leads to the Finish screen.

End screens

Invoice form workflow can leads to some different final screens that will stop the workflow.

Blocking screen

Showed when some selected choice or inputed value lead to non-eligible invoice.

That means the invoice is saved as blocked, it cannot produce any downloadable PDF and the accompanist never won’t be able to try again, this is definitive.

Finish screen

Showed when the invoice has been validated and the worklow is finished.

This will save the invoice and display the URL to download the invoice PDF file, its entry will be available in accompanist invoice list and admins.